Broome Top Deck Tours  

    18 April at 15:31 from atlas


    "The tour locates Broome geographically, historically and botanically. After the trip it was easy to find the places I wanted to visit. The guide had obviously fully researched his subject and he was clear and eloquent. I would recommend anyone coming to Broome to make Broome Top Deck Tours the first thing they do; after that, the rest of the holiday is a breeze" - Mr Richmond, England

    "Excellent value for money tour. Very informative" - Mrs Halstead, Australia

    "Really enjoyed the tour. I didn't realize that there was so much to learn about in Broome - what an amazing history! Lovely, friendly and informative driver. Will definitely be recommending this tour as we travel Australia!" - Mrs Howe, Spain

    "The tour guide had great people skills, caring and interested in each individual who boarded. I was impressed by the enthusiasm and in depth knowledge on so many topics and the clarity of presentation" - Ms Newport, Wales

    "My whole family loved this tour. I certainly didn't expect such a great commentary on the journey around Broome. I have been on many tours and certainly I would say that this was the best tour I have ever been on. I couldn't believe how much information the tour guide could retain - he is definitely a walking encyclopedia! Fantastic information and very friendly guide. Would definitely recommend this tour to anyone. Kids loved it too!" - Mrs Newton, Victoria